Re-Opening Comments on Marijuana

Re-Opening Comments on Marijuana

The Food and Drug Administration is reopening the comment period for notice entitled “International Drug Scheduling. The Agency is taking this action to allow additional time to submit comments. We have another opportunity to shape the U.S. response to the UN’s World Health Organization drug scheduling review. The FDA opened the initial comment period in .. Read More

Insomnia and Cannabis-2018 Jul

In 2018, a study reviewed how effective Medical Cannabis Flower is for Treating Insomnia. 409 people with a specified condition of insomnia entered there data in the Relief app. Background:  Used a app to measure which fundamental characteristics of medical Cannabis flower are associated with changes in perceived insomnia.

Traumatic Brain Injury & THC-2014 Oct

In 2014, this study was to establish a relationship between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and mortality after TBI. Using 446 patients cases meeting all inclusion criteria. Background:  A 3-year retrospective review of patients sustaining brain trauma. Patients THC positive survived surgery at 97.6 percent. While patients with no THC survived only an 88.5 percent rate. You can .. Read More

Blood Cancer and Cannabis Research-2002 Jan

In 2002, Targeting CB2 cannabinoid receptors as a novel therapy to treat malignant lymphoblastic disease. Using adult mice. Background: In the current study, they demonstrated that THC and other cannabinoids can induce apoptosis in murine and human leukemia and lymphoma cell lines as well as primary ALL cells. Responded to CB2 not CB1. You can read .. Read More

Sickle Cell and Cannabis-2018 Aug

In 2018, survey data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research  shows Medical cannabis use is relatively common among patients with sickle cell disease for pain control. Background: surveyed patients with a brief, anonymous, questionare. Reviewed institutional records for clinically driven urine drug testing. While we tracked patient requests for certification for medical marijuana. You can Read .. Read More

Obesity, Insulin & cannabis-2014 Dec

In 2014, studied the relationship between cannabis use, obesity, and insulin resistance. Using data on 786 Inuit adults. Background: The frequency of cannabis use was assessed by confidential questionnaire. In addition, fasting blood sample was drawn from all participants. Then we further assessed whether the relationship between cannabis use and outcomes varied by BMI categories, age .. Read More