Healing Trauma Combining Cannabis and Art

Episode 8 – Artists CannaKitty Shares Healing Trauma Combining Cannabis and Art.  Highlights Meet CannaKitty as she explains Trauma Art. What is Trauma Art therapy? Learn how she tapes into her inner-self to acknowledge and release past traumas. With Cannabis and Art applied correctly learn how to express trauma. An intro to the Trauma Art Show .. Read More

Treating IBS with Cannabis

We welcome Tim from Pennsylvania. Notably he is sharing his experience treating IBS with cannabis. Equally important we also dive into his work as an addiction counselor and observations.  Along with his work in mental health. For the purpose of gaining a understanding of mental health field resistant to cannabis treatments. As well as Tim .. Read More

What is a Medical Cannabis Story?

Do you have a medical cannabis story to tell? Maybe the better question is what is a medical cannabis story? When you struggle with pain or illness, generally, you are looking for something that will help you improve or feel better. As a matter of fact living with one to multiple conditions for years plays .. Read More

Etiquette Crew

Listen as we talk to the Etiquette Crew from Arizona on self healing. Allow yourself to settle in for a conversation of healing, caring, passion and commitment. These lovely ladies are addressing the needs for women and quality brain health. The work each has done for their on self healing is awe inspiring. Highlights: Meet .. Read More

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