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Living With CRPS With Less Pain


What We Are Working For

Effective Cannabis is your reliable source for information and shared experiences among medical cannabis patients. With this in mind, you will meet strong, amazing individuals. Who are coming together to study how cannabis is medicine.

With our shared experience; we become a community with credibility. Sharing medical data and stories can bring needed attention to the positive effects of cannabis on specific medical conditions. Each improved symptom, pain, or condition shows it is safe to use medical marijuana along with our other medications. Allowing for enhanced quality of life.

EffectiveCannabis.com is recording the effectiveness of strains, cannabinoids, products, and consumption. Tracking medications reduced or eliminated for our particular medical conditions and symptoms. Together we can advocate for research and acceptance of the positive effects medical cannabis can bring to our lives and our communities.


Collectively Improving!

Alcoholism = 5
Anxiety = 13
Asthma = 7
Crohn’s Disease = 2
Depression = 9
Fibromyalgia = 7
High Blood Pressure = 6
Insomnia = 14
MS – Multiple Sclerosis = 2
Opioid Dependence = 6
PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder = 7
Pain = 18

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Pain that Once Controlled Us Now is a Livable Pain!

Bring your voice to our conversation at Pain In The Grass Forum. You deserve better than denied treatment, being labeled weak or addicted. We are a community that supports and educates. We discuss chronic pain, critically examine the impact of opioids and access to treatments. Exploring how cannabis is helping chronic pain become a livable pain. Naturally, rediscover yourself and a new life of less pain. You and Your pain matter to us. Learn to invest in yourself to improve pain. Have you met yourself lately?

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