Episode 1: Series Chronic Pain -Segment 1- 3 Cannabis Patients Share Their Results

We are excited to welcome Leah and Red4Med two members EffectiveCannabis.com. To emphasize, we are here to share all we have experienced and learned as a medical marijuana patient living in pain. 

In today's segment, we are talking 
  • What made us decide to try medical marijuana? 
  • How did we tell our family and friends?
  • Is treating our pain with cannabis so different from pharmaceuticals?
  • How our pain and life changed or improved with MMJ?  
  • What our doctor's response has been towards us and cannabis?

For this reason, sharing, studying, and learning how to administer cannabis is how we achieve quality pain relief. Thus, we share all we have learned about Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain. In order to bring you awareness so you can make good choices for you and your pain. In fact you will hear, cannabis has been life-changing for all of us. 

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Where we treat you with respect, you deserve. 

We appreciate and thank you our listeners for sharing a piece of your day with us. To emphasize we do this for you as we come to share parts of our life with you that we believe could help you learn how to invest in yourself. You are important and matter. 

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This is not medical advice. It is medical awareness.

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