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You can Share Your Story in 3 different ways either openly or anonymously. Try to keep video between 5 to 8 minutes but there is no time limit. 1. Share by Video Openly - To use your smartphone, iPad, or Tablet to create video access your camera and select video option. Record your story save and then uploaded into the Effective Cannabis website. To use your PC, to make a video using a camera (webcam) on your Mac or PC here are 2 free online websites that can be used: Web camera io ==> Cam-recorder ==> Record your story save and then uploaded into the Effective Cannabis website. If you do not know how to upload a video refer to FAQ- How to upload a story. Note -We do not accept videos to share anonymously at this time since we have no way to hide your face or alter your voice. If you submit a video, you do so knowing that all videos are registered as openly shared. If you know of an app or software that allows you to cover your face and alter your voice, please share with us.
Share by Audio Anonymously or Openly – To use your phone, iPad or tablet, any voice recorder in the app store will work. voicespice ==> is super easy to use and free and is available for PC as well. Record your story save and then uploaded into the Effective Cannabis website. To use your PC, here are 2 free voice recorders that are free: voicespice ==> is super easy to use audacity ==> Record your story save and then uploaded into the Effective Cannabis website. If you do not know how to upload a audio refer to FAQ- How to upload a story. Note it is your responsibility if you are sharing anonymously to remember someone could possibly recognize your voice so using a voice recorder that alters your voice would be best. Effective Cannabis is not responsible if someone should identify you by your voice.
Share by Written words Anonymously or Openly – Create your story in your favorite document editor when you are done save as: Select folder "documents" now type your tile name in the file name box (Giving it the name you are naming your story), now click on the down arrow where you typed in the name and select PDF file ext. then save. Now you are ready to uploaded into the Effective Cannabis website. Note: We can only accept PDF file extension. If you do not know how to upload refer to FAQ- How to upload a story. Note: for anyone sharing anonymously Even if you do not provide your name, keep in mind that some information can reveal who you are, such as unique details about you or others.
If the video you created is a .MOV file extension you will need to convert to an Mp4 file extension before you can upload. Please refer to FAQ How to convert a .MOV file extension to a MP4? To upload a story. When you are logged in to Share your story page select the "upload button" then click the button "select files". This will take you to your file directory open up your folder where you saved your story to share and select your story. Next give your story a name typing the name of your story in the file name (white rectangle box) locate your story and select it. It will now upload. You will soon see your story appearing on Effective Cannabis.
The reason we ask where you work is so we can demonstrate that we are productive responsible individuals. We need to counteract reports we are lazy no good people. Will only be shared in general terms of a profession. Refer to the Privacy Policy.
Cannabis is the botanical name and the correct term for describing the plant and its products. The term ‘marijuana’ was meant to be a derogatory name that crept into this country over the Mexican border and has no general meaning. It is important that we recognize cannabis as medicine and rid ourselves of the negativity associated with marijuana. We are finding results medically with cannabis that scientist have been trying to achieve for decades for Anxiety, Cancer, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain etc. in a safe manner. Ridding ourselves of negativity, falsehoods and lies is necessary to ensure every patient has the access needed. Here are a few articles you might find of intrest how others view the two names. Enjoy!
The definition of addiction is “A compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance”. It is possible to develop a psychological addiction to most things that are taken to excess. However, cannabis is not physically addictive. In some cases, psychological dependence can occur in heavy to chronic users. Even heavy cannabis users won't suffer withdrawal as is the case with alcohol, hard drugs and prescription medicines. Chronic users who stop using cannabis report experiencing irritability, restlessness and find it difficult to sleep for at least a week after discontinuing use.
Journaling is very crucial as a medical cannabis patient and many of us have data that could be valuable to the study and how we have learned to use cannabis for our specific medical conditions. Pre-Study Data is important to also show others how to mange or deal with a taper down off opioids. Hopefully, notes from Study Members can help eliminate some the difficulty that can arise from doing tapers. We want to teach a safe taper process by creating taper plans that can be applied to any individual and the only way we do this is with personal experiences and data.
There is no evidence that cannabis leads to hard drug use. According to the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicines 1999 report, Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base: “There is no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to the subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs. There is no evidence that marijuana serves as a stepping stone on the basis of its particular physiological Cannabis is one of the safest medicines available. There has never been a single recorded fatality in over 5000 years of known human use.
The amount of time it takes for an edible to work depends on your metabolism. Some people with faster metabolisms may start to feel the effects less than an hour, while those with slower metabolisms may not feel anything for two hours or more. The effects peak up to four hours after eating or drinking cannabis, so it’s best to wait at least that long before consuming more. Take your time and learn what’s right for you and pay attention to the label for dosing and recommended serving size.
Traditionally, Cannabis Sativa is used during the daytime due to its high THC levels and its cerebral, uplifting effects. Sativa use commonly results in appetite stimulation, creativity enhancement, and an uplifted mood. Cannabis Indica is often used at night, as its effects tend to be more sedative, relaxing, and aiding in body pain and anxiety relief. These reactions are attributed to higher ratios of CBD: THC. Cannabis Hybrids are crossbreeds of sativa and indica strains that display characteristics of both plants. Hybrid plants are usually sativa or indica dominant and are genetically bred according to the desired traits.
Adding cannabis to your life is no different than adding any other medication. Think of it the same as medications that you receive that warns you "do not drive or operate heavy equipment until you know how this medication affects you." If you are feeling the uplifting effect of cannabis it’s just a feeling; it is not affecting your ability to do most things. There have been a few studies that show marijuana has not increased auto accidents. Yes, something could happen anytime you drive. Use your common sense just like you do with most pain medications. Driving while using cannabis is a personal choice and whether you feel comfortable driving. Cannabis stays in your system long past the uplifted feelings. Therefore, you can test positive for marijuana long after the uplifting effect, but there is no evidence it impairs your ability to drive. You should evaluate the risk of operating a car on all your medications.

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Go to Select Option - Convert Audio Or Video. 1) Chooce Dive option - From Dive - Now your computer file directory will open. 2) select the video that needs to be converted 3) Choose cnovert to Mp4 and select convert. 4) Depending on the length of your video this will take a few minutes. 5) When completed you will find the converted MP4 file in your file director. 6) Now you are ready to upload your Story to Share.

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