Treating IBS with Cannabis

We welcome Tim from Pennsylvania. Notably he is sharing his experience treating IBS with cannabis. Equally important we also dive into his work as an addiction counselor and observations.  Along with his work in mental health.

For the purpose of gaining a understanding of mental health field resistant to cannabis treatments. As well as Tim shares some the frustrations of being a cannabis patient and not being able to be open about his success.

So, allow yourself to settle in for a conversation of caring, passion and commitment. Consequently we have plenty of work to do. In particular, to ensure we educate the benefits effective cannabis.


  • Hear first hand of successfully treating IBS with cannabis.
  • Pain can be both a physical and brain health issue.
  • Pain being ignored is harmful and destructive.
  •  We discuss Harm reduction and role of cannabis.
  • We look at how the mental health community is not seeing the incredible tool cannabis can be.

Do you have a story to share? Are you a business assisting cannabis patients? We would love to hear from you. Every voice is important and needed. AS we work to ensure effective cannabis makes its way into the medical community.

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