Echo Podcast Intro to Healing


Welcome to Echo Podcast Intro to healing. ECho (Effective Cannabis Healing Ourselves) will give you a snapshot of what you will hear from patients who are uplifting pain, health, and life. Notably, we are working to bring awareness to the medical benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. To emphasize the uplifting that occurs when we know how to apply Cannabis Medicine-Style. In detail, we will be comparing all aspects of living in mild to chronic pain and chronic illness with and without Cannabis Medicine-Style.

Self Healing

Adding Cannabis has been life-changing for many. Giving us a life we could never have imagined before Cannabis Medicine-Style. An experience we believe everyone should be aware of and have a choice to try with quality safe access.

Echo (Effective Cannabis Healing Ourselves) will share how to be involved and work for change—sharing how you can join our conversation. In fact, we have a seat just for you to join our discussions as we talk, share, and learn Cannabis Medicine-Style. Not to mention, as patients, we play a critical role in advancing Effective Cannabis Medicine.

As we are working to make incredible changes in our health, the medical community and the cannabis industry have crucial roles in assisting us. ECho Podcast is here to demonstrate when we all work together, medical breakthroughs are possible. Medical breakthroughs we have been looking for and waiting on forever.

ECho Podcast Intro to healing is a sneak peek into Effective Cannabis Healing Ourselves. With each Podcast, allow us to take you on an uplifting hour. As guest share how they apply Cannabis for uplifting their health and life. Our goal is to provide you with enough information to pique your interest to educating yourself. It will be an investment in yourself, and one when you know how to apply, you will never regret it. No one is more important than you are. You, your pain, and health matter, and you are why we do this. Effective Cannabis Medicine-Style begins with loving yourself enough to learn your ECS (Endocannabinoid System), the Inner-Healer.