Coronavirus Social Distancing with Chronic Illness

The Coronavirus, social distancing while living in chronic illness and chronic pain, is challenging. In this case we are patients coming together to share information we hope can help others.

Thank you for tuning in to hear how we are looking at and addressing the Coronavirus in our own lives as patients living in chronic illness and pain. To be sure we all have an essential role to play. Young to old, we have a responsibility, unlike anything we have ever encountered in my life.

Our opening Coronavirus Segment, we share how we are addressing our health, appointments, procedures, and medications with the current landscape. Living in chronic pain and illness requires extra attention during the Coronavirus. To emphasize keeping one's self safe and protected is critical. Notably, medical social distancing with proper care for you and those around you. 

Today joining us for this topic is Leah and Red4Med. We are so thankful to them and their comment to help others understand what it is like to be patients and the role we all play in helping one another to ensure we all stay safe. Each of us has very different medical conditions, but our needs to protect ourselves and others are vital in this fight dealing with illnesses, whether chronic or infectious.

In today's Segment, we are talking 

  • Keeping yourself protected and safe?
  • Awareness of Medicare approval for telemedicine for doctors and Seniors?
  • Access to Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis medicine.
  • Essential services and the necessary items.

Most of us are very nervous, unsure of the validity of the information we are receiving. Many of us were already at a high level of alert due to the flu. This is not a time to panic; it is time to have open frank conversations and sharing. We all play a role in protecting one another. We are in this together and should be having the same conversations. No one is immune to the Coronavirus.

For this reason, we are sharing how to maneuver around the Coronavirus Social Distancing with Chronic Illness and Pain matters. We share all we know and have learned. To bring you awareness so you can make good choices for you, your pain, and health. 

Cannabis has been life-changing for all of us; we now need to protect what we have accomplished by safe practices.

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We are in this together, a home where we treat you with respect, you deserve. 

Thank you, we appreciate you our listeners, for sharing a piece of your day with us. We do this for you. As we share parts of our life with you that we believe could help you learn how to protect yourself. You are important and matter. 

This is not medical advice. It is medical awareness.

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