What is a Medical Cannabis Story?

Do you have a medical cannabis story to tell? Maybe the better question is what is a medical cannabis story? When you struggle with pain or illness, generally, you are looking for something that will help you improve or feel better. As a matter of fact living with one to multiple conditions for years plays a significant toll on the body and brain health. Consequently leaving most with little to no treatment options that improve pain, health, or daily life. Which sends many off exploring self healing are you interested?

Do you feel stuck

Living a life you do not want but have no way to change without some form of medical treatment? Are you one of the millions searching for alternatives? Chiefly that provide relief or change that improves how you live your life?

As a matter of fact, there are millions of suggestions, tips, tricks, and claims on how to improve health. You do not have to look far to hear of something that claims it will help your pain, symptoms, or medical condition.

For instance you will find them on TV ads, the internet, in your email, and even random phone calls. Deciphering a safe medical treatment is different for every patient, and I will leave that discussion for another day. Given that, one note I will make here a random call stating they can help you is just that, a random call. They do not care about your health or pain. Specifically they are looking to take your money. Please hang up.

Whether you are healthy or living in chronic pain and illness your choices you make are important specifically when looking at self healing. Does not matter if you are looking for Cannabis in Arizona, Florida, or Oklahoma we want quality safe solutions that work.

Patients want Safe Solutions.

Patients are asking for treatments that work. We like to see and hear how someone with similar medical challenges is getting better results than us. Which usually comes in one of two ways.

Generally speaking, there are two categories. One is the patient comfortable exploring alternative treatments on their own. Who takes an active role in their health, looking for a change.

Just because a patient is willing to explore alternative treatments does not mean they will try all they explore. On balance they are looking for treatments they can trust that will not harm them or create new symptoms or medical conditions to address.

The second is the patient waiting for a doctor or specialist to inform them of new or improved treatments. Specifically they depend on a licensed provider to guide them. Then they will add a new treatment that they feel is tested or their doctor supports.

Both are looking for treatments that produce better results than what they are currently being offered and using. We have had enough and are looking for things that can uplift our health and brain.

There is a third group that is exhausted of the fight, challenge, and have just given up. They need safe alternative treatments but have lost all trust. We have to reach them and let them know we are here and there are options.

Activities of Daily Living

Once a patient's activities of daily living (ADLs)[1] becomes challenging, or difficult alternatives and self healing become worth pursuing. A reality to necessary for patients  who are afraid of where they are, they do not feel comfortable with what they are thinking and know their lives are at risk, pushing them to look for alternatives. Once you become so low it quickly turns into survival this is when self healing can play a critical role.

Regardless of where a patient is in this process living in mild to chronic pain[2] and illness[3] with no end in sight soon, it spills over impacting families, friends, and communities. This becomes an added stress patients do not need usually just internalizing they will rarely tell a family member or loved. We soon feel like a burden and why having a comfortable safe place to explore and learn self healing alternatives with results is needed.

Investment with Return

Investing in yourself and health is one of the most significant investments you will ever give yourself. Understanding your body, mind, and what you can do to impact both is critical in advancing your health and life. Realizing the return in your investment is the absolute reward and highly recommended by those who are finding success.

For this reason take charge, be in the driver seat, and stop waiting for someone else to fix everything. This is your pain, health, life, and you are the one that lives it. For this reason Explore what you can do to change where you are and impact how you feel.  Surround yourself with like minds. Patients that are on your same journey with the support of their knowledge and expertise. Important to realize it is an investment in yourself think of it as adding your pain and conditions into healing bank.

In this case Patients play a vital role in their health by understanding their ECS (Endocannabinoid System)[4] and  which Cannabinoids are needed for entourage effect for the optimal healing. How do we get there by sharing our experiences and medical data?

What Is a Medical Cannabis Story and the Role You Can Play?

When you use cannabis to treat pain, medical conditions, or symptoms, you have an especially important story. Your voice and data are needed to show and prove that cannabis is medicine. Each story is so vital to advance health and pain for ourselves and others.

At this instant it is defiantly critical and matters in helping others. As most find having an open dialog with physicians, scary and creates a fear of being fired as a patient. Doctors in general do not have the training or knowledge needed to feel comfortable in offering advice on medical cannabis even when they support the use of medical marijuana.

Our voices with medical facts collectively provide the details patients are looking for and need to make quality treatment choices. Each of us turned to cannabis to find treatments that did not create more symptoms, add new medical conditions, or make daily living worse. Soon to discover cannabis provides medical help, we could never have imagined before cannabis. Your experience is vital in helping others who are just starting, struggling to achieve success, or have given up.

When you have established a quality treatment plan you are becoming the expert with essential details others need to bring about results faster while reducing the costly expenses of trial and error. The biggest question we work to establish is are we really achieving the very best health possible?  That only will come with established direction or advice. What we each have learned can only answer that question when we collaborate together doing effective cannabis research. We should never settle for less than the best that is not acceptable which we know now thanks to cannabis research.

Be Part of Creating Lasting Medical Change

Setting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to make sure marijuana is De-scheduled[5] cannot be an option any longer. We are allowing others to report untruths about us that cannabis does not work for our medical conditions and pains. We are the only ones that can detail how cannabis is changing our pain, health, and life since cannabis research is being denied or shut down.

Telling our medical cannabis story provides a medical awareness of effective cannabis treatments. Showing we are everyday citizens managing health conditions with cannabinoids just like someone's high cholesterol maintained by Crestor. We take treating ourselves with cannabis as seriously as we do our pharmaceuticals. We respect the plant its amazing beautiful strength with power to heal. After all, this is our pain, health, and life. We live it every second of every day.

The question is how can you invest in yourself for a medical return while improving yourself and assist others? Cannabis is giving us a real opportunity to be in charge of our own health and wellness. Why not share to help pull someone else up out of the same place you just were. Why should you care what others are doing? They just might have learned something that you have not discovered and might never learn.

Why Share Medical Cannabis Stories

Medical marijuana has been available over a decade in numerous states, so why is it still so difficult for a patient to find how to apply cannabis for a specific medical condition? Depending on which state[6] you live in determines if you have access or if your conditions are an approved medical condition treatable with marijuana.

When did it become acceptable to pick and choose if a medical condition should be considered for treatment? All medical conditions deserve to be managed by the most effective safest method.

What is impressive is that we are treating life-threatening health conditions that affect millions of people worldwide, not just Americans with amazing results. We find most began cannabis for one specific medical condition. To soon discovered cannabis is an effective treatment for another diagnosed medical condition, and few are acknowledging these conditions or our successes.

Utilizing the effective cannabis blog and ECho podcast open or anonymously as we collaborate in cannabis research is how we change minds, educate medical community, and elected officials. They way people see us and think of us is how we move this conversation to positive uplifting place.

A Medical Cannabis Story Provides Missing Pieces

Our medical files and tests results back up our medical stories. All critical to teaching how cannabis is safe to use for mild to severe symptoms, diseases, chronic illnesses, and chronic pain. Today, millions struggle with the same medical conditions as you and I with no idea that cannabis could help them or they live in a state where medical marijuana is still illegal.

We hear stories about how someone tried cannabis for a specific health condition stating in did not work. Quickly prompting us asking if they received the correct information to explore the benefits of medical cannabis fully.

How would they know if they examined the full potential of cannabis when we cannot find anywhere that shows people the process of how to treat a specific medical condition? As we collaborate together to understand the health and wellness effective cannabis provides we call it cannabis research. Cannabis in Arizona looks very different than Cannabis in Florida and as a patient we need consistency in medicine, testing, and respect as a medical marijuana patient.

Time for patients to help one another

One thing to note those of us that have successfully mastered cannabis mostly got here by trial and error. Indeed each of us have had to become cannabis experts for our specific health condition. That is not a bad thing. Its a good thing when you find ways to improve health and wellness. It gives us the ability to provide each other with information and tools that can help us all improve our health and life.

Thus today we have no guarantee that we will always have access to medical cannabis. Cannabis is the only treatment many of us with serious health conditions can rely on that have no cure. Patients going back to no treatment, or losing access is just not an option. To ensure we always have access, we need to be in the talk to ensure cannabis moves forward with safe access. We can use our voices by sharing our stories, writing a article for the effective cannabis blog, joining a Echo podcast collaboration for a deeper discussion. All of these combined in one place helps us move the world with all we are learning and accomplishing.

Why Every Cannabis Patient and Story are Essential

We have the facts, personal health results, and medical records to back our stories up. Trial and error might work, but we each have enough information to help eliminate some of the trial and error. Which helps reduce costs and produces results faster.
When we share the what, how, and when it provides tools to help others begin their journey.

Surprisingly today Patients find it almost impossible to locate doctors who understand the benefits of cannabis. In particular they have little to no knowledge on how to treat specific medical needs properly. We understand their discomfort they are logical fact based and have relied on data to assist them with decisions. Cannabis health and wellness is taking them out of a comfort zone that they depend on for their livelihood. Can't blame them we just need to provide them with our data, facts and experiences through a managed data cannabis research.

Point often overlooked Patients are working hard to find solutions with answers alone, with no place to ask medical and pharmaceutical questions. For this reason Effective Cannabis Collaboration provides patients a place to share their medical cannabis stories. Sharing the facts as we establish what cannabinoids and consumption methods that are working best. Understanding why it works best in a certain way and how people are different in find results. Equally important keeping track of changes in medical conditions, pharmaceuticals, and any side effects is vital data. All equally important in educating the medical community and the cannabis industry as data builds in our cannabis research.

The Good We Can Do

Important to realize by sharing a medical cannabis story[7], we bring awareness to our improvements in health and life. Shining a light on the medical conditions, pains, and symptoms that benefit with cannabis applied. Surprisingly allowing the visibility to outcomes, the patient who is working to improve themselves my not even realize. To be part of this collaboration you are ask to think, explore and detail how effective cannabis is changing all aspects building a medical awareness that helps everyone healthy or ill.

If we miss this opportunity to spotlight and uplift medical cannabis for the enormous good it is providing us in medical treatment solutions, we all lose. To emphasize there will be no equality for all to have the ability to determine if cannabis could improve their health and life. Rather many will continue with treatments that do not provide the change that cannabis can—leaving many with little to no treatment options. We are not OK with that, as we work hard to ensure that we understand how and why to allow patients to see they have options.


In reality few doctors recommend cannabis as a treatment option. Consequently leaving us scratching our heads, wondering why with all the evidence reported by patients backing up research that already exists. We concluded there is no place to find cannabis information, data, or analysis by a specific medical condition, with strains and dosing. On the positive side the change needed is available at EffectiveCannabis.com as we collaborate.

We need doctors, pharmacists, and nurses that are interested in how cannabis is used effectively. The providers[8] who are open to learning with patients that are successfully changing their health with cannabis we are looking to work together. If you would like to learn more, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Patients are waiting for our medical providers to show up. Providing support for cannabis as a real medical treatment. We are incredibly excited to share how cannabis is changing medical conditions that have left us exhausted in finding solutions. For this reason today we begin a new journey. Especially working together to conquer the enormous task of improving health and wellness for a better quality of life.

Worthy of working on and amazing when accomplished. We hope you are in for the greatest thing we will do for improving our lives while assisting others. Click Here to learn more on how to get started. We look forward to meeting each of you and collaborating together.


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