Walking Together Is How We Improve

A Message From Debi

EffectiveCannabis.com started as a one-woman blog idea to discover soon others offering to volunteer and joining the team. The ‘Welcome’ sign is always on, waiting for medical cannabis patients to drop in so we can share our improved health stories. We have so many important things to discuss.

The marijuana debate as medicine began for me in the late 1970s, working as a medical lab technician at a cancer clinic in Amarillo, Texas. Even at that time, research showed promise that marijuana had possible benefits for our patients. Unfortunately, the state of Texas did not allow patient trials, leaving cancer patients with no hope for possible relief. Watching my patients go through their struggles taught me a kind of honesty, compassion, and determination that I could not have learned elsewhere. I take what I learned from each patient and continually work to make a difference in others’ medical needs.

My education, and career choices provided me with a wealth of medical and business knowledge but life experiences is where I grew . Working in hospital labs to oncology, gave me insight, with sympathy, to understand the physical and emotional effects of chronic pain and chronic illness with challenging diagnoses. I’m continually learning to grow . I live by the motto I can do anything when I put my mind to it. When I encounter an obstacle, I find a way to go around or over it. I’ve never been a quitter. I’ve learned that when I don’t take charge, I’m letting someone else control my destiny. That doesn’t work for me. I now work and fight for you and me to have quality, safe cannabis medicine. At the same time, working to understanding how to apply effective cannabis to our medical conditions. It matters if we want to achieve the best health possible and have the right to ask for that.

Laura Kasischke wrote, “your life can change in an instant. that instant can last forever.” I never really thought about it until an instant happened to me. On August 19, 1995, a typical Saturday morning when a freak accident caused complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in my left foot and leg. At that instant, my life was indeed forever changed. It left me in a world I did not want to live in, but there were few options at that time. It felt like I was living in “Ground Hog Day,” the movie. I just wanted to wake up and have my old life back, but every day was the same debilitating, chronic pain, over and over. At the time, the only relief offered by the medical profession was a strong dose of opioid medication. After 21 years, cannabis finally became a legal, therapeutic option for me, allowing me to reduce my opioid dosage and achieve significantly better pain management. To then learn, my lungs are improving with severe COPD and Pulmonary MAC lung disease.

Learning how to incorporate medical cannabis into my medical treatment plan opened the opportunity to discover what medical advancements are truly possible. I continue to accomplish health improvements my Physicians said are not possible. Learning to use medical cannabis to improve my serious conditions allows me to speak from experience to advocate for safe, quality access for all. Medical marijuana is giving me a life I never thought I would have or see again. I began searching for others who use medical cannabis who could share their results and any obstacles they may have encountered. Leading me here to start this portal where we can share our experiences, work to advance medical cannabis, as we are all on the same walk to improve our health and life. We all come from different walks of life, which makes this so perfect to learn and educate one another.

I believe with our shared knowledge, we can become a community with credibility. With our data and stories, we can bring needed attention to the positive effects of cannabis on specific medical conditions. Our consolidated results can show the safety of using medical marijuana along with our other medications for an improved quality of life. EffectiveCannabis.com will become a documentation repository. Recording the effectiveness of proper administration of strains and products that provides relief for our particular conditions and pains. Together we can advocate for research and acceptance of the positive effects medical cannabis brings to our lives.

Everyone deserve access to quality, safe medical cannabis that works. Effective cannabis is life-changing and why studying how cannabis is medicine with users is vital. Walking together EffectiveCannabis.com will become a reliable source for information and shared experiences among medical cannabis users.

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We are here to show the world we are healthier with cannabis as medicine

Effective Cannabis has 3 main goals

1. Committed to cannabis patients’ education through an open forum, where members can share their experiences and stories to help others find results.
2. We are dedicated to the idea that cannabis has numerous medical benefits and should be studied. For precise determinations of which medical conditions it helps or doesn’t help.
3. An advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis use within the United States.
All the above is dependent upon our voices coming together as one. Advocating for safe access for all patients, real scientific studies reporting the benefits of cannabis leading to legalization, which hopefully once and for all will end the stigma associated with cannabis.
This is not a scientific study, but we hope it will be the beginning of making it possible for significant research to begin. We are interested in new and helpful medical cannabis information and current or upcoming cannabis legislative bills. We expect this site to grow and expand continually. By bringing our voices together, we allow ourselves to show the world who we are. Effective cannabis is providing a comfortable, safe home for open discussion and testimonies with real data. Hopefully, you will see the importance of stepping out publicly with us to educate and move the debate forward so to achieve full legalization of safe medical cannabis for all patients.

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