Treating IBS with Cannabis

We welcome Tim from Pennsylvania. Notably he is sharing his experience treating IBS with cannabis. Equally important we also dive into his work as an addiction counselor and observations.  Along with his work in mental health. For the purpose of gaining a understanding of mental health field resistant to cannabis treatments. As well as Tim .. Read More

Echo Podcast Intro to Healing

  Welcome to Echo Podcast Intro to healing. ECho (Effective Cannabis Healing Ourselves) will give you a snapshot of what you will hear from patients who are uplifting pain, health, and life. Notably, we are working to bring awareness to the medical benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. To emphasize the uplifting that occurs when we know .. Read More

On The Inside of CRPS and Opioids

Today we go on the inside of CRPS and opioids for our inaugural Effective Cannabis (EC) Pain blog post. We will discuss topics relevant to the current treatment of chronic pain, opioids, and cannabis in today’s rapidly changing medical landscape for chronic pain patients. Expressly bringing the necessary attention to promote the proper treatment of .. Read More

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