Get involved and show your support to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus

Stay Home Challenge Coolest New Trend

Have you heard of the Stay Home Challenge Coolest New Trend? Hello, beautiful world. Our EMT's, doctors, nurses, all medical staff are on the front lines right now, putting everything they have to give and more to save lives. To emphasize they are asking Us, you and me to do one thing. Stay home, no more mingling, and please stop spreading COVID-19 the Coronavirus.

As breathing, living humans, we can responsibly stop the spread of the Coronavirus if we Stay Home. So I ask why not just turn this into something that can release some stress and be fun uniting us as we practice social distancing.

In fact I know I play an essential role. While, sitting on the sidelines is hard for me as I cannot go back into the hospital to offer my medical skills. Given that I am a high-risk patient living with COPD and Pulmonary Mac Lung disease. For this reason, why I take this very seriously. I know I or others like me most likely would not survive the Coronavirus. I do not want it, and I do not want you to get it.

Each one of us is like a chess piece on the global board of life and death. No, this is not a game and why our next move is so important. Specifically, it could determine your fate, my fate, and the fate of others. So what can we do that would help protect all of us? Specifically, we can turn Stay Home into the coolest new trend to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.
I have made my move to make Stay Home the coolest new trend. Now it is your move.

I Challenge You

I am challenging you to help turn Stay Home into the coolest new trend. We need to let our health care teams know we are hearing them, and we are doing our part by staying home. Plus- We need Federal and State governments to hear us that we are uniting as one. Social Distancing may separate us, but we are all in this together, and we must win this war. To emphasize, COVID-19 is not an individual illness to fight; it is a team illness to fight. On the positive side, we are working to build a team of US.

Today I challenge you to post a video or picture of the one thing you are giving up and miss the most and are glad to Stop to help end the spread of the Coronavirus. Rules are listed below.

By participating in the Stay Home Challenge, it is a fun way to be involved in giving support, receiving support while keeping everyone safe. By all means, let us be cool together and make our voices heard and felt across this world. After all, we are all in this together; each of us is important and matter. I plan on being right here to see the end of the Coronavirus. So join me.

What a remarkable move we get to play in this battle.

By building a support team of Us, we can combine our knowledge, resources, and tools so we can find solutions. Everyone can play a role in finding solutions and answers for what we are going to face in the coming days and months ahead. When times are tough, that is when the best of us come out, and if we ever need a US Team, it is now. For this reason, make sure you add your name to the US Team as we will work together for everyone.

New challenges will be added every couple of weeks as we have some fun ideas and are looking for new ones. In fact, we would love to have your input. To make sure you don't miss a challenge add your name to the Us Team below.

Thank you to all the brave medical personal of essential services that are working tirelessly to save lives and provide us with the services we need.
We are deeply saddened by all loss of life. To all who have lost a loved one to the COVID-19 we offer our loving support. We promise to work hard to make Stay Home the coolest new trend to save lives.

Donating to Local Food Banks

Additionally, if you have money to give, please donate it to your local food bank. In examining where the need is greatest, it was hard to pick just one helping organization. As a result, with the loss of jobs, schools closed, lunch programs shut down, and shortages of food, it is apparent there is a real need for food. As we all know, keeping everyone feed is vital to staying healthy. Please include a shout out to the local charity of your choice. The work they do in our communities often goes unnoticed, and we have the opportunity to say thank you.

Stay Home Challenge The Coolest New Trend Rules

Your Move

Week 1 Challenge starts on 4-8-2020 - What is the one thing you have given up that you miss the most and gladly give up to help stop the Coronavirus.

1 - Create a video our picture that captures the challenge. Include the phrase "Stay Home Challenge Coolest New Trend". This is your message to our Doctors and Nurses to say Thank You. Equally important, we hope it will bring awareness to the responsibility everyone plays.

2 - Include Your charity's Name in your video or photo description if you Give. If uploading on Facebook or Instagram tag your charity. This helps bring awareness to charities in your local community.

3- Share by Uploading your video or photo on one or all of your favorite social media sites.

4 - Challenge one or more friends by sending them this link =>

5 - To ensure your name is added to Us Team to stay informed of upcoming challenges enter you email below.

6 -  Keep it respectful and fun.

7 - Please share this with everyone you know. Our doctors, nurses and essential services are counting on all of Us. We do not sell or produce any products; we help others. Where we study, learn, and teach chronic pain, chronic illness with cannabis, and CBD.

If you have questions or feedback about this, please use our Contact page.