Studying Cannabis as Medicine

Have you been searching for information on how patients are using cannabis successfully for specific medical conditions? We hear stories about how cannabis could be helpful for many health conditions, but cannot find any one place that is gathering all this data. Who’s tracking each medical condition and how it reacts with cannabis, what works or not. Determining the right cannabis, the right dose and how to administer is a task. I have not found anyone doctor or dispensary that really has all the correct answers. That is why I find myself here launching to bring medical cannabis patients together. Recognizing the need to connect sharing experiences in a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental environment.

Effective cannabis is a new study and blog. Designed so medical cannabis patients can share their health experiences and data. Using their expertise to teach the importance of cannabis as medicine. As a medical cannabis patient, we’ve had to become experts. We cannot continue to let others speak for us since they do not know us. Also, much of what they are saying is not accurate or based on scientific facts. We are the study!
We need to use our voices to captivate the attention required to move cannabis medicine forward. The information we provide allows a database of medical conditions and treatments to be developed. Giving study members fact-based data to create treatment plans for success.

Are you a medical cannabis patient that has improved your health?

We’re presently seeking patients with medical conditions which have been helped by cannabis that would like to share what they have learned. I understand fears about sharing, and they are real. I feel everything you are feeling, and I’m just as scared as you. However, I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens. This is my health, your health and generations to come. No one advocates for us better than ourselves, and our stories need to be heard. I hope you choose to join with me on this journey, so we represent ourselves with the truth of cannabis as medicine.

Every story is fundamental and necessary to assure cannabis will always be a medical choice. Bringing our voices together will allow us to show the World who we are. We need a comfortable, safe home for open discussion while allowing for the collection of valuable medical testimonies with real data. If anyone is uncomfortable telling their story, we welcome any notes on experiences that can be helpful to other patients in the study. Hopefully, as time passes and you hear others stories, you will become comfortable enough to share your journey. Hopefully, you will see the importance of stepping out into the public with me to educate and move the discussion forward so to achieve full legalization of safe cannabis medicine for all patients.
We invite everyone to become a member so they can make safe, informed decisions for their health and life.


If you have questions or feedback about this, please use our Contact page.