Health Stories

These are Stories shared by our Cannabis Study Members so you can learn how cannabis has changed our health and life. Every one of us has a very different and important story to share. We believe every health condition matters, and we believe this will matter for generations to come.

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Chronic Pain
Number of Stories: 1
Description: Is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Whereas acute pain is a normal sensation that alerts us to possible injury, chronic pain is very different. Chronic pain persists—often for months or even longer.

COPD-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Number of Stories: 1
Description: A chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs…is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory (non-reversible) asthma, and some forms of bronchiectasis.

CRPS/RSD-Chronic Reginal Pain Syndrome/Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Number of Stories: 1
Description: Chronic Reginal Pain Syndrome is a progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System, and more specifically, the Sympathetic Nervous System. is characterized by prolonged or excessive pain and changes in skin color, temperature, and/or swelling in the affected area. CRPS is divided into two types: CRPS-I and CRPS-II. Individuals without a confirmed nerve injury are classified as having CRPS-I (previously known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome).

Number of Stories: 2
Description: A sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. People with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms: Difficulty falling asleep. Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep

MAC Lung Disease
Number of Stories: 1
Description: Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) consists of two species: M avium and M intracellulare; because these species are difficult to differentiate, they are also collectively referred to as Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (MAI) . MAC is the atypical Mycobacterium most commonly associated with human disease.

MS-Multiple Sclerosis
Number of Stories: 1
Description: A potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). In MS, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body.

Opiate Dependence
Number of Stories: 2
Description: Addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin—is a treatable medical condition caused by changes in the chemistry of the brain.* When you're opioid dependent, the need to satisfy cravings or avoid withdrawal symptoms can be intense and difficult to manage on your own.

Number of Stories: 1
Description: May be of a stabbing, cutting, stinging, burning, boring, splitting, colicky, crushing, gnawing, nagging, gripping, scalding, shooting, or throbbing character. It may be dull or sharp, localized or general, persistent, recurrent or chronic. Often it is radiating.

Number of Stories: 1
Description: Is a sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle, a group of muscles, or a hollow organ such as the heart. A spasmodic muscle contraction may be caused by many medical conditions, including dystonia. Most commonly, it is a muscle cramp which is accompanied by a sudden burst of pain