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  • Learn to self-guide your health with cannabis from your own home along with other Medical Cannabis patients.
  • See actual doses, strains, consumption, and how well they work for a specific medical condition.
  • Direct access to patients that are already achieving quality results with cannabis.
  • Forums to safely discuss & ask questions.
  • Our Licensed Pharmacist goes over your medications and answers your questions.
  • We provide One-on-One support while reducing pain medications and transitioning to medical marijuana.
  • Easy access to Personal Strain Tracker Journal to record what worked and did not work. Always at your fingertips.
  • View what and how others are using cannabis to advance their health.
  • Ask medical and cannabis questions in the Green Room. With access to answers by patients and medical staff.
  • Direct  access to Cannabis Mentors.
  • We will work with your doctor to develop a quality treatment plan.
  • We understand physical and mental health challenges when living in chronic pain or chronic illness.
  • Become a Cannabis Mentor yourself working with Effective Cannabis.
  • Working together, we create a safe, respectful non-judgmental community to support one another as we learn to advance our health.

The ability to improve your health and life starts with you. Let us help you make well-informed choices.

Become a curator of your own health and pain.

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