Prostate Cancer and Role of Cannabinoids -2012 Mar

Prostate Cancer and Role of Cannabinoids -2012 Mar

In 2012, a review of article focus on the effects of cannabinoids in the realm of prostate cancer pathophysiology and their potential uses. Purpose of this review is to describe in detail the effects, characteristics, and possible role of cannabis and cannabinoids in prostate cancer. BACKGROUND: Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American .. Read More

MS, Marijuana, Pain and Spasticity Study -2018 Jul

In 2018, After a review of scientific studies, researchers say extracts from marijuana plants can help treat pain and spasticity symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis. Background: looked at the safety and effectiveness of cannabis as well as studying its impact on disability and disability progression, pain, spasticity, bladder function, tremor/ataxia, quality of life, and .. Read More

Neuropathy Pain Research-2015 Dec

In 2015, a systematic review to assess the effectiveness of cannabis extracts and cannabinoids in the management of chronic nonmalignant neuropathic pain. Background: Electronic database searches were performed using Medline, PubMed, Embase, all evidence-based medicine reviews, and Web of Science, by searching, printed indices from 1950. You can read the full article here =>

MS Neuropathic Pain Clinical Study-2007 Dec

In 2007, Uncontrolled patient trial of THC/cannabidiol for neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis with a 2-year extension trial. Background: 64 males completed the randomized trial and 63 entered the open-label extension. age, range, 27–71 years. You can read the full article here =>