Business Collaboration Advancing Cannabis

At the present time we are looking to Business Collaboration advancing cannabis. While we find ensuring patients have quality; Effective Cannabis medicine requires cultivating a collaborative culture with a mindset change.

In fact, we establish each business collaboration to ensure we provide all the resources vital to improving health and oneself to advance an uplifting quality of Life.

We are excited to collaborate with the following businesses. Who are tackling new projects that embrace change as a challenge that advances them to the next level improving our communities, families, individuals, health, and self!

To become part of the Business Collaboration Advancing Cannabis send an email through our Contact Us.

Meet CK Paint Shop

In Phoenix, Arizona, CK Paint Shop is bringing an exciting new way to connect, heal, and experience feelings through art. Founder CannaKitty (Irene) began her healing journey with cannabis and art as a coping skill for her postpartum depression. On the positive side turning into an exciting passion for exploring and discovering more in-depth topics of Life by expressing it on canvas.

To demonstrate learning how to express yourself and engage the feelings, you are carrying around is an investment in oneself. As you explore your inner self and ECS is when you can make sense of where you are in Life and how to move forward.

Learn how with a brushstroke, you can express yourself on a canvas in a healthy, comfortable environment working with CK Paint Shop. 

Reach out to learn more on Instagram @cannakitty_paintshop or through the website

Meet the Etiquette Crew

Etiquette Crew A Group located in Phoenix, Arizona. Was formed coming from a place of recovery: from trauma, military, drugs, accidents, home, and at times ourselves. Their energies understanding one another, and they welcome all who are of respect and with good intentions.

A supportive bond is crucial to being well-balanced. EC creates caring healing based support groups. Lead by female cannabis professionals, pursuing accountability on self-love, development, to create a long-lasting change.

They are of support, gathering, playing, and learning together. Specifically they look forward to connecting with you.

Explore for yourself by reaching out through Instagram @etiquettecrew or their website.